Past Projects & Results:

Over the years, we've promoted many videos in lots of different niches.

Just to name a few: Music, Gaming, Humour, Compilation videos, Technology, Beauty, How to videos, Gossip videos, News videos, Fail compilations, Traveling videos, Product unwrapping, Food reviews, Lifehacks, etc...

You name it, and we've probably promoted it in the past, with great results!

On average our clients see a 500% increase in view, across their channel (so on all videos).

Recent music video statistics:

These are the statistics of a music video from an independent hip hop artist who contacted us in the beginning of August 2016. We've started promoting his video (red circle), and after a couple of weeks his video was getting 15.000 views daily. Thanks to the succes of this video, all of his new videos are getting an average of 40.000 views in the first month.

Recent gameplay video statistics:

These are the video statistics of a gamer who has a channel with gameplay videos. He makes gameplay videos of popular games like Dota, Fifa and Call of Duty. We've worked on one of his Fifa videos in June 2016 (red circle), and as you can see, we were pretty succesful. He gained lots of views & subscribers and now all his new videos get an average of 50.000 views in the first month.

Recent Fitness video statistics:

These are the video statistics of a body transformation video we've promoted. Someone who lost a lot of weight by working out and dieting, made a video with before and after pictures to inspire other people. His video was already getting 2000 views daily, before our promotion. After our promotion (red circle), it went to 15.000 daily views. He added 4 other motivational videos to his channel, and each video is now getting 5000 daily views on average.

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