What happens when I ask for a free Quote for my video?

First I want to make it clear that this is 100% FREE, YOU PAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
After you've submitted your video for a free quote, we will have a detailed look at your video and competition. We will then tell you what your video needs to start ranking and get views. You will get a full pdf report with all details inside. In this report you will also find the price quote at which we can deliver these services.

How can your prices be so low, compared to other Youtube marketing services?

We only focus on the smaller youtubers, so that's why we've decided to keep or prices low. Rarely do we suggest a package over 100$ to promote a video, only in the very competitive niches this can happen. Other marketing companies don't want to offer their services to smaller youtubers, but focus on big brands and companies who want massive exposure, and have big marketing budgets.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypel, Visa, Mastercard

How long does it take do deliver your services?

A typical marketing package takes about 10 days to deliver completely.
Keep in mind that our marketing packages consist of a lot of different elements (high retention views, likes, shares, backlinks, social signals, etc...).

Do I have to give you my youtube login and password?

No, absolutely not! Don't ever give your login and password to any marketing company!

Can your services get my video or channel banned from youtube?

NO, absolutely not!
All of our services 100% comply with Youtube terms of service. We will never get a client's video or channel in danger!

Do you guarantee results?

I won't lie to you, I can't guarantee you results. Any marketing company that says it does, is lying: Read these articles.
It depends on a lot of factors: has your channel ever been flagged for a violation, have you ever bought fake views, etc...

I can guarantee you that we have seen great results in the past, and that we will suggest you the best package for your video!

Anyomore questions? Contact us HERE